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  1. *S.W.A.T.* Server IP
  2. Live Server Info.
  3. The Game!
  4. v1.5
  5. WTF!
  6. Review
  7. OMG cool trick
  8. Map Rotation
  9. Kicked two fucktards tonight....
  10. MP maps
  11. last night + this weekend
  12. New Orfficial COD4 Maps
  13. Patch 1.6............ now 1.7
  14. Server down?
  15. Getting kicked from our server?
  16. Not so well
  17. help-cod4 vertex1
  18. Paintball Mod
  19. Zombies?
  20. COD World at War
  21. Call of Duty: World at War
  22. Cod4 challenge!!
  23. Modern Warfare 2
  24. Suspected cheater
  25. pwned :)
  26. I did it !
  27. Server Stats
  28. Anathema
  29. COD4 Design a Perk
  30. New map rotation! (cod4)
  31. Ban the tube
  32. Teeheeeheee!
  33. COD Modern Warefare 2
  34. If you are still planning on buying MW2
  35. SWAT_Speedbump or 1337 H4x09
  36. Second CoD4 server ideas!
  37. New Dedi=New IP
  38. Cod server going down!
  39. What the fuck is this shit?!
  40. MW2 Multiplayer Ports
  41. COD MW2 $29.99 at Best Buy!
  42. Even Hitler Is Pissed About No Dedicated Servers For PC Version of Modded WarFail2!
  43. How Not To Suck At MW2 Guide/Tips/Tricks
  44. Secret/Not So Secret Spots MW2
  45. MW2: How To Piss People Off In Modern Warfare 2!
  46. Colored Names: MW2 How To!
  47. Why I don't like Softcore Mode
  48. MW2: What is your best score so far?
  49. MW2: Interesting Videos.
  50. Callsigns and Junk
  51. Fun Night!
  52. MW2: What is your rank?
  53. MW2: What it comes down to!
  54. Another One From Dave
  55. MW2 Info
  56. MW2: Beware your XP!
  57. Steam = Pile of Steamin' SHIT!!!
  58. MW2: Our Relationship
  59. MW2: Love/Hate
  60. MW2: What is your current killstreak setup?
  61. Activision cementing the end to call of doody
  62. MW2: Open Letter To Nuke Boosters, Prestigers and anyone seeking help to up stats.
  63. Trouble brewing in MW2...
  64. MW2: Map pack DLC!
  65. I got 80 knifed kills in COD4......
  66. COD4 Hacks...
  67. MW2 callsign chart and how to get them
  68. MW2: Do You Suffer From Mapathy?
  69. MW2 Stimulus Package
  70. Turn Off The Music
  71. Hey Whats up
  72. Need Help
  73. COD Black Ops
  74. Mumble Server
  75. Cod4
  76. COD4: Who Has It And Who Does Not?
  77. Black Ops Developer Interview
  78. Cod: W@w
  79. We're Fuked Now
  80. CoD: Black Ops Multiplayer
  81. COD 5 World at War
  82. New Black Ops ad...
  83. Black Ops Commercial
  84. Black Ops Promo Code
  85. Black Ops Server
  86. >XI< clan
  87. Black Ops Server Info and Console Commands
  88. Black Ops First Strike Map Pack
  89. BO Wallhack
  90. COD Videos from people I know at Youtube
  91. MW3 dedis
  92. Cod mw3
  93. COD4 on Linux Question for a member
  94. MW3 For 39.99$
  95. A Throwing Knife Montage You Can't WaLkAwaY From
  96. COD in 2012
  97. Hello for Merk (Vince) in GA
  98. Black Ops 2 Night
  99. If There Is One Thing Overpowered It Would Be ____________.
  100. Your Experience With Core vs. HC
  101. BO2 Videos: Random Clips of Shmoo 2
  102. BO2: Quick Questions That Don't Deserve A Thread.
  103. BO2: Patches, Updates and DLC OH MY!
  104. COD Franchise Questions.
  105. Black Ops 2: Did You Know?
  106. Show Off Your Player Card, Combat Record & Barracks Junk
  107. EMP Nade: Greatest Addition To BO2?
  108. Lag Switching BO2
  109. The Possible Partial Solution To What Ails You
  110. BO2: Double XP Thread
  111. Classes and Setups
  112. If You Could Do It...
  113. BO2: Give Me Back My Configs Trey...
  114. BO2: Map Callouts and Area Familiarization.
  115. Activision Confirms Call of Duty In 2013
  116. Dirty Little Secrets Black Ops 2 Version
  117. Otis The Bat Funtage
  118. Modern Warfare 4 Trailer
  119. New Maps and SMG? What do you think?
  120. New Glitch/Cheat
  121. BO2 To Introduce Micro-Transactions (XBOX for now?)
  122. Effing Awesome
  123. After Having Not Played...
  124. Call Of Duty v1.4.33 Or GHOSTS. MP Reveal
  125. Call Of Duty v1.4.33 Or GHOSTS. What We Know So Far
  126. Call Of Duty v1.4.33 Or GHOSTS. Official Press Release.
  127. COD Ghosts: XBOX1 To Get Dedicated Servers (possibly of no use)
  128. COD Ghosts Perks List
  129. Quickscoping As You Know It Is Over!
  130. Ghosts Review: Be Glad You Waited.
  131. The Masochist In Me Stirkes Again
  132. Would You Play This Game Mode
  133. Multi_PlatForm "lol"Pro"lol" Gamer Nadeshot Calls Ghosts The “Worst Call of Duty
  134. Best Game In The World Inspired By COD
  135. Hey Look What You Can Do In The New COD.
  136. Pussification List For The Next COD
  137. Advanced Warfare, I Really Want To Hate You But...
  138. COD Big Book Of Questions: Advanced Warfare Edition