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Thread: Upgrade to DayZ Server + Map Change

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    Upgrade to DayZ Server + Map Change

    I've put in my request for the latest control panel offered by which is the only way to change to newest maps/mods.
    It will only take them 5 mins or so, but I will be working odd hours until Sunday Dec 1st. They will leave the current server online for 48 hrs once the new CP is ready.
    The server IP will be changing (unknown atm, will post it here/vent asap).
    Epoch will still be used.
    We will run Taviana 2.0 (available on DayZ Commander), most of us already have the Island.

    All players will start fresh with basic starting gear, Epoch mod may not allow alterations of starting gear, I'll know soon.

    Taviana is much larger, but also has much more looting areas such as shopping malls/larger airports ect.

    Stay tuned
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